TAGRO EGYPT for trade


Import and export services

We have all the expertise in the field of import, whether for the purpose of trafficking, manufacturing, temporary permit

We import any product allowed him to enter into the Arab Republic of Egypt

We import junk imported product by providing the necessary details of the product to be imported from abroad

We are currently searching through our relationships abroad WPA use the best means of search by skilled researchers have

Get the best specifications and desired product prices to import

Our relationships rooms continues to associate with all countries of the world

Customs services

Customs clearance inside all ports of the Arab Republic of Egypt, whether sea, air or land

Customs clearance outside in case of import or export

We have the experience of all joint agreements with Egypt with all other countries on the world level

We have all the information about the features offered by each convention and we can help you to get the best agreement between these conventions

Experience and good laws and legislation concerning the free zones and economic zones.

Shipping Services

Services provide transport within the Arab Republic of Egypt and the handover in front of the factory door

We provide international transport services in all over the world through the best shipping companies

Marketing Services

We help you market the product to import the best means and the latest methods

Consulting services

We offer consulting in all that concerns the import and export services, either internally or externally.

We offer consulting in all that concerns customs services

We offer consulting in regard to shipping services